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Alexandria 5: The Journal of Western Cosmological Traditions

Item Number: ISBN 1890482757 6700
Fideler, David R.
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Alexandria 5: The Journal of Western Cosmological Traditions
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Essential contributions to the study of Western Esotericism. Alexandria issue #5 covers:

Dante and the Comic Way -- Joseph Meeker
An Ecology of Mind -- Doug Man
Science's Missing Half: Epistemological Pluralism and the Search for an Inclusive Cosmology -- David Fideler
Negotiating the Highwire of Heaven: The Milky Way and the Itinerary of the Soul -- E. C. Krupp
Nature and Nature's God: Modern Cosmology and the Rebirth of Natural Philosophy -- Theodore Roszak
Creativity: The Meeting of Apollo and Dionysus -- F. David Peat
Mithras, the Hypercosmic Sun, and the Rockbirth -- David Ulansey
Musical Emblems in the Renaissance: A Survey -- Christina Linsenmeyer-van Schalkwyk
Jung and the Alchemical Imagination -- Jeffrey Raff
Two Platonic Voices in America: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas M. Johnson -- David Fideler
Alcott's Transcendental Neoplatonism and the Concord Summer School -- Jay Bregman
Chaos and the Millennium -- Ralph Abraham
Is Anything the Matter? -- Roger S. Jones
Magnificent Desolation -- Dana Wilde
Soul Loss and Soul Making -- Kabir Helminski
Ideal Beauty and Sensual Beauty in Works of Art -- Aphrodite Alexandrakis
Socrates and the Art of Dialogue -- Robert Apatow
Footprints on the Threshold -- Christine Rhone
Science: Method, Myth, Metaphor? -- Amy Ione
Teaching Archaeoastronomy -- Greg Whitlock
Oneiriconographia: Entering Poliphilo's Utopian Dreamscape - A Review Essay -- Peter Lamborn Wilson
Memorial of A. H. Armstrong -- Jay Bregman
Customer Reviews
Rating Alexandria 5
This is a philosophical journal. If you happen to be a person who likes stretching his or her thoughts and the use of words and language in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, you''re probably an intelligent seeker or the philosophy / religion professor at your local university (even if it''s Harvard) or the Community College). This is a collection of articles on cosmology, philosophy, myth and culture (according to the subtitle on the cover---don''t worry; it really is.) If you feel bored with the basic and simple, this is a great bargain. Alexandria in Egypt was know for its great library which was burned in early times of Western "civilization." What is lost is lost. As an interesting historical point and one which points to the behavior of the human species, even today, many consider it easier to destroy something rather than run the risk of losing the discussion and having to think and learning that one is not always right. So, if you feel up to it, this is a highly recommended collection. You should have the reading and analytical skills of a reasonably well educated high school graduate or the equivalent . If you''ve had a little PR (Phil-Rel) experience in college, this will be engaging and enjoyable for you. I''m not saying any particular article in the collection is right or wrong. I''m just saying that it''s very interesting and, at the least, will give your brain a bit of well needed and enjoyable exercise. Hey, better than jogging, right? :) ~Mark
Reviewed by: from USA. on 7/10/2013
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