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5 Piece Sacred Geometry Kit (Lapis Lazuli)

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 5 Piece Sacred Geometry Kit (Lapis Lazuli)
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You will receive a beautiful 5 piece Lapis Lazuli Sacred Geometry kit and a carved wooden box to store them in. Each piece is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in size.

The five Platonic Solids include:

- Tetrahedron (4 triangular faces)
Element, Fire
Solar Plexus Chakra
Key Function: Manifestation

- Cube / Hexahedron (6 square faces)
Element, Earth
Root Chakra
Key Function: Grounding, helps clarify one's purpose

- Octahedron (8 triangular faces)
Element, Air
Heart Chakra
Key Function: Integration

- Dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces)
Element, Universe
Spirit Chakras (6th, 7th & higher)
Key Function: Ascension & Mystery

- Icosahedron (20 triangular faces)
Element, Water
Navel Chakra
Key Function: Transformation

The Platonic Solids are the repeating geometric patterns that are the basic building blocks of life. All of life as we know it is composed of these geometric structures. The foundation of our physical bodies, sound frequency, music, language, cells, DNA, plants, animals, minerals, planets, solar systems, stars, galaxies and Universes. The patterns of this sacred geometry are endlessly repeated. By clearly focusing on the strong energy field of these crystals, one can access, align and restore harmony to any weakened chaotic energy. This can apply to your own body/mind/spirit energy field or environments such as your home or workplace.

Lapis: Strengthens skeletal system. Activates thyroid gland. Releases tension and anxiety. Energizes throat chakra. Augments strength, vitality, virility. Facilitates opening of chakras. Mental clarity, illumination. Enhances psychic abilities and communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Creative expression. Chakra(s): Third Eye, Throat.
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